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Super Puppy Board & Train (under 6 mo)

14-20 nights in Trainer's Home Includes 3 FREE Private Sessions *subject to availability

  • 1 hour
  • 2,100 US dollars
  • Trainer's Home

Service Description

NOT ALL DOGS ARE ACCEPTED TO THIS PROGRAM. Dogs with any kind of reactivity, aggression, guarding are not qualified. Socialization is an important part of puppy development, as it teaches them important skills such as how to interact with people, other animals, and new environments. Early socialization also helps puppies feel safe and secure, which can help reduce fear, anxiety, and even aggression. Socialization also helps puppies learn how to share, play nicely, and understand boundaries. By introducing puppies to a variety of sights, sounds, people, animals, and experiences, they are better able to adapt to their future homes and become friendly, confident family members. Booking a board and train for your puppy's socialization is a great way to ensure that your pup is exposed to a variety of positive experiences and people. This type of program allows for your pup to learn how to interact with other animals and people in a safe and controlled environment. This will help to prevent future behavioral issues and give your pup the confidence and skills needed to be comfortable in a variety of situations. Additionally, the trainers at Sammye's Dogs will be able to give you specific tips and instructions on how to continue your pup's socialization and training at home. Training includes proper socialization, kennel or crate training and potty training, and introduction to puppy-level basic obedience skills such as name recognition, sit, down, come, place, focus, let's go, and kennel. Our Super Puppy Program is an excellent option for service dog prospects!!!

Cancelation Policy

By booking, you agree to the following policies and terms of service: Booking an appointment online does not guarantee time as actual Trainer availability may differ; please confirm with Sammye via text message at 832.454.0306. or email to  *Purchases are NON-refundable.*  Additional dogs: Cost of including an additional dog for training is $30. Two dogs at Level I is $155 or at Level II $180. If one dog is Level II, the package selected should be Level II and an invoice of the additional dog fee can be sent.  Travel & Traffic Fees: Transporting to clients of 20 or more miles is a $30 extra per session charge and $1 minute past 35 mins of travel time. For example, a client that is 25 miles away is charged $30 + a drive of 50mins (across town in rush hour traffic) is an additional $15 traffic fee so is $45 in addition to session cost. A client who is 20 miles away and the drive is 34 minutes will have only a $30 travel fee and no traffic fee. Our reasonable traffic and travel fee for in-home services is to cover our deficit in extra time, gas, and wear and tear on our vehicles to provide this high-demand, and premium service. Zoom sessions are always offered as an alternative to in-home services. Cancellation, missed, and late appointments: Reminders are a courtesy, but not a requirement of Sammye's Dogs LLC. Clients are responsible for their schedules. Appointments require a 48-hour advance notice of cancellation via email to or text to 832-454-0306. Notice in writing of less than 48 hours, missed, or late appointments of more than 15 minutes of scheduled start time will be counted as one paid for session. After a missed appointment, Clients shall incur a fee of $3 per minute past appointment scheduled start time and will receive an invoice to be paid in addition to service costs or all services will be canceled going forward. For example, if a client is late by 10 mins, the late fee is $30.  /We Client agree that I, my/our heirs, assignees and legal representatives will not make claim against, sue, or attach property of Sammye's Dogs Trainer, her family, acquaintances, or any other person, acting on her behalf, (herein referred to as “Her Agents”), for injury or damage done to or by dog(s) resulting from action or negligence, however caused, by Sammye's Dogs Trainer or Her Agents. I/We forever release Sammye's Dogs' Trainers and/or Her Agents from any and all liability and demands, which I/We Client and my/our heirs, assignees and legal representatives may have or may hereafter have for injury or damage to or by dog(s), and assume all risks thereof. Client understands that there will be no refund of monies paid at any time. Clients who proceed with illegal chargebacks shall incur an additional fee of 20% of purchase. Sammye’s Dogs and Client also agree that they will not now or at any time in the future, negatively or untruthfully disparage, or discredit, Sammye's Dogs and Her Agents, in any communication or on any social media website including Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter, Google, etc. Client and Sammye's Dogs Trainer hereby agree to mediate and/or arbitrate any misunderstanding that may arise pursuant to the terms contained herein. In any action or proceeding arising out of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement of costs and legal fees. This agreement for Training Services supersedes all other agreements, written or oral, previously made between Client and Sammye's Dogs Trainer. 

Contact Details

Deer Park, TX, USA

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