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Frequently Asked Questions


Golden Retrievers

What does a puppy cost?

Puppies are $4,000* with a $1,000 deposit (subtracted from the $4,000) once puppies are born to ensure that a spot in that litter is reserved for you.

I do not barter my price of my puppies. I do not make profit off my litters as every penny gets put back into my breeding program and the puppies themselves. I have made my pricing as fair as possible without cutting corners or sparing any expense to breed Goldens of this quality.

*Please note, the $4000 does NOT include shipping, ground transport, or flight nanny. if you are not local and prefer to have the puppy brought to you.


Costs of a Sunbuilt puppy are subject to change in the future but I will always honor the purchase price at the time the deposit is taken.

What does Sammye's Dogs Sunbuilt Retrievers do differently than others in your field?

Well bred is not the same as purebred. Our puppies' parents and the parents of their parents (and so on) have had health clearences, genetic testing and title. We work hard to preserve the best of the golden retriever breed and prove our dogs are breeding worthy. We also go above and beyond ensuring they have excellent homes to go to and to set them up for success even before leaving us! We are here to support our families for life AND are certified dog training experts!

Do you do health testing?

Yes, extensively. All of our dogs are tested/cleared for the following:

Degenerative Myelopathy: NORMAL (clear)

Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever Type): NORMAL (clear)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Golden Retriever 1: NORMAL (clear)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Golden Retriever 2: NORMAL (clear)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration: NORMAL (clear)

CHIC Certified:

OFA Eyes (Dam & Sire - Normal)

OFA Cardiac (Dam & Sire - Normal)

OFA Hips ( Dam - Excellent & Sire - Good) 
OFA PennHIP (Dam tested, scored top 10% compared to breed.)

OFA Elbows (Dam & Sire - Normal)

What does Sammye's Dogs do differently than others in your field?

Enter your answer to the question here. Be thoughtful with your answer, write clearly, and consider adding examples. This can help your visitors get the help they need quickly and easily.

Can I pick my puppy?

I never sell my puppies on a "first come first serve" basis. The puppies are carefully monitored and documented during their time spent with me and evaluated by non-biased well-respected individuals before they go to their new homes. I know my puppies from the moment they were born and will know them better than anyone and what home is best fit.

When contacting me or even after a deposit is made, we will have indepth conversations on what exactly you want in a puppy. With this information, I will match a puppy I best see fit for you, your home and what you can offer said puppy.

I want my homes to be excited about their puppy and I'm always willing to explain why a certain puppy was chosen. Please understand that the process is done this way because I want my puppies to fit in their homes so it is forever.

I truly believe matches are better made based on temperament traits rather than the physical looks you see in a picture or video. It is easy to fall in love with the uniquely marked puppy but that doesn't mean it is the best personality choice for you. The puppies do need time to mature and grow and I will let you know which puppy is yours between 6-8 weeks of age but likely never before that period.

When can I visit?

I'm happy to welcome approved visitors into my home for puppy visits when safe to do so. There will be scheduled days for socializing and visiting. You may also reaching out and expressing interest ahead of time so I can't schedule visits accordingly.

If you're interested in visiting my adult dogs and I do not have young puppies at home, simply contact me directly and I'd be happy to welcome you into my home to meet the Golden House!

What temperament or personality do your Goldens have?

The most important trait of a dog is it's temperament. I only breed Goldens that have sound temperaments true to American Kennel Club Golden Retriever breed standard to ensure that the pups I produce will have outstanding temperaments themselves.

My own dogs are the definition of a "goofballs". They're (sometimes overly) sweet and affectionate, friendly, goofy, playful, eager, hardworking, stable, and  incredibly intelligent (and sometimes mischievous) personalities with an obsession with their family. Families looking to adopt a Sunbuilt puppy should expect to have a hilarious "velcro dog" and best friend, and to need to provide enrichment, plenty of exercise, and to attend some positive reinforcement based puppy training class. 

Excellent with children and other animals (if socialized correctly of course), they are a joy to have around. We receive daily comments on our dogs' beauty and training. However, being that this is a service dog line, which is a type of moderate drive working, although sometimes lazy, it is unlikely that your puppy will be fully mentally mature for at least two years. As your dog ages beyond that, they may be safely trusted to hang around house without a kennel, playpen, or baby gates. 

What does companion or pet quality mean?

Pet Quality simply means that the dog has faults. These faults are generally cosmetic such as non-scissor bite, unideal markings, top line not straight enough for showing, etc. These faults will NOT affect the health or temperament of the dog.

A pet quality dog is not for breeding and it is required that the dog be spayed or neutered. Pet Quality pups are sold on a Limited AKC Registration. Our pet quality dogs make good companions and often their faults are not detectable to anyone but the most experienced eyes.

Show Quality means a Golden puppy with no disqualifying faults at the time of sale and comes with the expectation that the owners will be showing the dog in the confirmation rings in the USA.

When should we spay our neuter?

I recommend that you alter at no earlier than 1 year old and females at least should go through one full heat cycle first. I am open to discussions with my puppy owners if they feel uncomfortable with this and request a different timeline.

New research from Dr. David Waters DVM, PhD, head of the Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation at Purdue University has proven that dogs spayed or neutered under the age of 1 year of age have a higher risk of cancer and joint problems.

Do I have to have a backyard to apply?

Ideally, a safe enclosed yard/run would be ideal but I'm aware (especially those in larger cities) that this isn't always easy. I will consider homes that do not have fences and/or apartment/condos but it will require discussions on plans put in place to ensure the puppy is exercised and will be given the opportunity to be walked/ran on leash outdoors.

Golden Retrievers are not lap dogs. They were not bred to sleep on your lap all day and be content like a Maltese or other smaller breeds. They do not like to be away from you for all hours of the day so lunch break drop-ins are needed if you leave more than 5 hours at a time. They do not enjoy being physically laid on either despite their friendly appearance and tolerance. Your dog can choose to put themselves on you unrestricted, however! If this is what you seek in a dog, you will not be content owning a Golden who is a busier, eager to go on adventures and meet new friends type of dog.

What dog food do you feed?

My kibble of choice are Purina Pro Plan Large Breed or Life's Abundance and have had all my dogs thrive off these brands in the past. These puppies must be fed a proper, high quality diet and one that meets or exceed AVCO's minimum standards and are not associated with DCM.

We add vitamins, probiotics, coconut or fish oil, and agility and joint supplements and recommend others do the same. We'd be happy to share our suggestions.

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