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Are you tired of dealing with your dog's unruly behavior? We've got you covered! Our dedicated team of Certified Professional Dog Trainers is here to help you and your dog unlock the full potential of a loving, obedient, and well-behaved companion. 

 HTown's Best Dog Trainer

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About Us

Collaborating with an experienced and skilled professional can, in certain instances, determine whether you experience a harmonious life with your dog or face the difficult decision of re-homing or even euthanasia. Even in 2023, navigating the search process can be perplexing.

While dog training is a science, the industry remains unregulated, lacking licensing requirements or regulatory oversight. This absence of standards makes it challenging to discern what criteria to prioritize. We are proud to be transparent about our philosophy, training methods, process, pricing, and our background.


Much like other service-based professions, not all dog trainers are equal. Dog trainers can differ significantly in terms of their methods, philosophies, experience, and overall approach to training. Anybody can call themselves a "dog trainer." "behaviorist," or "behavioral trainer." However, we hold ourselves to the highest degree of ethics and commit to voluntary certification with CCPDT and adhere to current, science-based practices.

In short, our 20+ year combined expertise extends to all breeds and ages of dogs commonly described as high-energy, overly excited, easily distracted, impulsive, fearful, stressed, anxious, and reactive. We have trained hundreds of puppies, and upwards of 50 service dogs for individuals with disabilities. 

We understand it is difficult to know which way to turn with the stakes so high. We get that you must be careful with who you select, and we appreciate you seeking professional training help and your trust in us. 

We are experienced in addressing a wide array of training goals and issues from puppy raising, obedience to behavior modification! Customizable and individually tailored to you and your dog's needs!

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